Campers discover animals and conservation through explorations and encounters on zoo grounds.

All in a Day at Zoo Camp

Drop off 8:50-9:00am

Parents or guardians bring campers to the Gateway Classroom to check in with zoo staff. Campers must be brought inside the classroom and adults dropping them off must check in directly with zoo staff. PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO REVIEW THE AUTHORIZED PICK UP LIST FOR YOUR CAMPER(S). CAMPERS WILL ONLY BE RELEASED TO ADULTS WHOSE NAMES ARE LISTED. Camp release forms must be signed and verified before leaving your camper at the zoo EACH DAY. Adults, it is your responsibility to ensure that all children have the proper gear for outdoor camp activities and for getting dirty.

introduction 9:00-9:15am

Camp staff members and volunteers introduce themselves, and campers get to know each other. The activities for the day are discussed and final preparations are done to get the day started.

Morning fun 9:15-12:00Pm

Campers proceed with staff and volunteers to EdZoocational presentations, encounters and activities both in the classroom and outdoors. Schedules for encounters vary depending upon the camp topic. A snack will be given mid-morning.

Lunch 12:00-12:30PM

Campers are served lunch according to the lunch preferences and allergy information indicated on the camper information form filled out during registration. Campers have 30 minutes to talk, eat and relax. Camp staff may decide to show campers a short film or show which will be G or PG rated wildlife or nature related for educational purposes.

Afternoon 12:30-2:30pm

Campers proceed with staff and volunteers to afternoon EdZoocational presentations, encounters and activities both in the classroom and outdoors. The schedule will vary depending on the camp topic and related activities. All outdoor activities will be completed by 2:30pm.

Classroom 2:30-3:00pm

As the camp day comes to its conclusion, campers will spend the last 30 minutes in the classroom finishing projects or take-home items and playing games. A snack will be given between 2:30 and 3:00pm.

Pick up 3:00pm

Authorized adults listed on the registration form will arrive promptly at 3pm to pick up campers. NO CAMPER WILL BE RELEASED TO AN ADULT WHOSE NAME IS NOT ON THE AUTHORIZED ADULT LIST. Adults MUST check in directly with camp staff to ensure campers are checked off before leaving. Be sure to look around and take all of your camper(s) gear.

Camp Contact

Please feel free to contact our Camp Coordinator Emily Miller at or 907-341-6432 if you have questions.